Travelling is supposed to be fun. But doing so with young kids can be challenging. They get bored, tired and hungry quickly, and can leave you frustrated when they fuss. You may get angry, snap at them and suddenly the vacation isn’t enjoyable anymore. Here’s how to make the experience smooth.

Keep Them Entertained

Kids usually have a short attention span, thus need various activities to keep them occupied. Apart from electronic gadgets, you can get creative with age- appropriate puzzles, toys, books and games. At your destination, look for child- friendly restaurants, hotels and parks where the kids can run around as you relax.

Plan Ahead

Spontaneity is the spice of life, but this only works when you don’t have children in tow. Have everything planned out in advance: the routes you’ll use, rest stops along the way, accommodation, transport you’ll use at the destination. There’s nothing worse than having hungry, wailing children when you have no clue where you can catch a bite.


Not only is this a way to keep them calm, but is also a life saver in case of unexpected delays. The kids can snack as you wait to get to the destination. Carry a variety of bitings to pique their interest, and adequate water as well.

Mind The Weather

Research on what the weather will be like at the destination, especially for cold regions. Pack the appropriate clothes to give the whole family an easy time. You don’t want to waste precious vacation time shopping for clothes to use there, do you?

Enjoy The Moment

Parents can get so consumed by ensuring their kids are comfortable and everything goes right, that they forget to have fun. Slow down, take in the sights, engage the children in conversation about what they’re experiencing. Make memories by enjoying each moment. That’s what trips are about, after all.


Encourage the children to document the journey through pictures and journalling. This will help them develop their observation skills while keeping them busy in a fun way.


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