Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life. It marks the beginning of an important season. As such, you’ll want everything to flow smoothly. And since a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, your style for the day should be carefully thought out. Here are some tips for styling your natural hair for the big day.


Keep the style as simple as possible. Have it done a day or two before the wedding, with only a touch up that morning. Simple styles save you time and the hassle of worrying whether they will hold through the day. In addition, you can rest easy during your honeymoon instead of battling with hair.


Have your hair washed and deep conditioned some days before. This will ensure your strands are well hydrated on the big day. Remember to use a moisturising leave-in conditioner and an oil to seal in the hydration.


If you’re planning to try a new style, do a trial run some months to the event to avoid nasty surprises. Let your stylist know exactly what outcome you’re going for so that they can adjust the style if need be.


These extensions can be a life saver in case you don’t want all your hair out, or the style you wanted backfires. Go for clip-ins that are as close to your natural hair texture as possible for them to blend in.

Protective Styles

You may not want to deal with your real hair at this time because of the hectic nature of a wedding day. Protective styles such as braids (with extensions), faux locs or even cute wigs are options you can try. If your hair is quite long, sitting in a braider’s chair for long can be a nightmare. Have your hair styled into a bun, flat twists or a funky updo that keeps your strands tucked away.


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