Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you probably face challenges with makeup. Especially because makeup tends to get absorbed by oil. Re-applying it during the day is not only tedious but can be tricky depending on where you’re spending your day. If this describes you worry not, there’s a way around these problems.

Before makeup application, cleanse your face. If you have the luxury of time, include an oil-absorbing face mask. Follow this with a non-greasy moisturiser, preferrably one with SPF. Next, apply a mattifying primer to prepare a base for the makeup.

Set your foundation with a powder to minimise shine and help your makeup stay on longer. If you need to touch up during the day, blot out any oil with blotting paper first. Otherwise you’ll end up looking cakey due to the mixture of oil and powder. Remember, do not wipe your face, just pat down. Wiping your makeup will leave streaks.

Oily skin presents a challenge when it comes to eye makeup. For longer lasting eyeshadow, prime your lids with a mattifying eyelid primer.

Apply makeup in light layers, only adding where necessary. Piling on too much product will leave you looking cakey.

Line your lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick. This provides a barrier that prevents ‘bleeding’ of the lipstick as you go through the day.

Use waterproof mascara. It tends to stay on longer as it doesn’t get affected by oil. For best results, wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes then sweep upwards.

Keep your hands away from your face. Not only are they oily, but hands tend to have an accumulation of germs from the things we touch. This can lead to breakouts.

To reduce the struggle with your skin, choose products specifically formulated for oily skin. Look for labels such as ‘matte’, ‘long-wear’ and ‘shine control’. These are great at absorbing excess oil without leaving the skin dry. Stay away from products with a creamy consistency.



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