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There are those days when things just decide to go wrong. You’re in a rush in the morning and happen to overdo your concealer, for example. Yet there’s no time to wipe it off and start again! What to do? If you ever find yourself in a tight jam makeup- wise, here are some quick fixes to save the day.

Creasing Concealer

Does your concealer creases around the eye area leaving you looking like a clown? Use a moisturiser to prepare this area first. Then go in with a light layer of concealer. Using a lot of product causes creasing. In addition, go for a concealer with a lightweight formula. If you experience creasing during the day, smooth out the lines with a finger. Follow through with a setting powder and blend using light hand movements. Blend from the nose going outward.

Bleeding Lipstick

Ever left the house with a perfect face but looked like Dracula by the time you arrive at your destination? Well, there’s an quick solution for bleeding lipstick. Pick up a clear primer pencil and use it to line the lips. You could also prime them using matte concealer for better hold. Consider ditching your cream- based lippie for a matte one. Couple this with a matte lip pencil and you’re good to go for several hours.

Excess Bronzer

Simply use your beauty blender or foundation brush and gently buff away any excess product.

Clumped Mascara

This one can be quite frustrating! To fix the disheveled look, put a drop of water on the mascara wand. If your mascara is waterproof, use a silicone- based makeup remover. Wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes while moving upwards. Note that using a lot of water will dissolve the mascara, removing it completely.

Intense Brows

If your brows look like you’ve used black paint on them, you need to change your brow pencil. Use a colour that matches your natural eyebrow colour or is just slightly lighter.

Excess Foundation

If you accidentally pile on too much foundation, this quick tip should put you at ease. Place a bit of tissue over half of your face, use a brush to go over the tissue gently then remove the tissue. Do the same for the other side. Done!


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