If you’re a sneaker lover, you may be wondering how else to wear them apart from with denim pants. Well, there are various options you can explore while still looking spiffy. You might have to step out of your comfort zone, but that’s what fashion is about, right?

With Dresses/ Skirts

Sneaker looks are possible with dresses and skirts. Those that are knee- length or just above the knee work best. Pair your floral skater dress or skirt with slip-on sneakers for that sweet girly look. When going for an event that you intend to wear heels for later, you can rock your dress and slip-ons on the way there then bring out the heels on arrival. You get to remain stylish the whole time while saving your feet.

With A Suit

Who says suits are only for serious looks? Add a fun twist yo your outfit by throwing on some sneakers. You could either choose shoes in the same colour as the suit or stick to neutrals such as grey and black.To keep the look clean, wear socks that don’t show above the top of the sneaker, especially if the trouser legs end above the ankle. Couple this with accessories appropriate to the occasion and you’ll be turning heads.

With Shorts

For shorts that fall way above the knee, high-top sneakers are best. Knee-length shorts allow you to get away with low-tops. You can choose to colour block or match.

An important rule to remember with these looks is to keep one side simple. If your shoes have elaborately designs, let the rest of the outfit be laid back and vice versa. Otherwise the look might be too busy and hard on the eyes.



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