Vlogging has gained traction as a way of creating engaging content that immerses viewers into the creator’s world. Making videos is the first step, but editing them is a whole other ball game. If you’re a beginner/ aspiring vlogger, here are some software to start you off.

Free Software

i) Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft has pre-installed free video editing software on Windows. Windows movie maker is very user-friendly. It can be operated even by those with no experience with video editing. All you need to do is import your video clips, place them in the timeline, trim them, add music, add transitions and more. After you’re done dragging and dropping everything in the positions desired you can preview the video and save or export it.

ii) iMovie

Apple devices with recent operating systems have iMovie pre-installed. This software is fairly easy to use. In addition, it can handle video footage with up to Ultra HD/4K resolution. To begin, choose and trim the clips you want to use for the vlog. From there you can insert titles and add effects by dragging and dropping. The great thing about iMovie is the export features allowing you to directly upload vlogs on Youtube or Facebook or shareby e-mail.

Bought Software

These have more advanced editing features. Once you’re comfortable with basic editing and have more $, you can move on to these.

i) Final Cut Pro X

This is one of the most powerful video editing software (available for Mac only). It speeds up your editing workflow incredibly. What’s more, Apple offers a free 30-day trial.To learn more about all the features of Final Cut Pro X or to download the program, visit Apple’s website.

ii) Adobe Premiere Elements 14

This program allows you to easily organize your vlog footage by ordering or labeling the recorded footage. With premiere elements 14 you can quickly go from rough clips to fully edited movies and guided edits make this even easier. Some of the features include creating slow-motion, fast-motion and selective colour. Supports footage up to 4K.

iii) Adobe Premiere Pro

This one (almost) gives Final Cut Pro X a run for its money especially since it’s compatible with other Adobe products. In adddition, all your assets are stored in the cloud so you can access them anywhere from any device, all for $19.99 a month.


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