hair underarms

Underarms are the trickiest body part to deal with for women. As much as they remain mostly unseen during the day, sometimes we want to enjoy warm seasons with sleeveless tops/ dresses. This dictates that we pay attention to this area. Follow these tips for healthy armpits.

Colour Changes

Naturally, armpit skin tends to be darker than the surrounding area. However extreme colour difference could point to allergic reaction to products, excess sun exposure or hormonal changes. If experiencing this examine the products you’re using or visit a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis.


The ingredients in antiperspirants can cause problems. Aluminum salt for example blocks your pores and keeps you dry, but it may also irritate your skin. Alcohol tends to be drying to the skin. It’s best to go for products without alcohol and aluminium salt.


As with other parts of the skin, your underarms benefit from being moisturised. After shaving, apply a lotion of choice. Make sure you moisturise before applying antiperspirant as well.

Hair Removal Methods

Various options are available depending on your taste and budget. Shaving is the cheapest and can be done at home. Take care to shave correctly so as to avoid remaining with stubble/ causing ingrown hairs. Keep your tools clean and if you cut yourself, swab the area with methylated spirit. To ward off infections use a blade no more than 5 times. Store it in a completely dry place.

Exfoliate gently before shaving. Did you know that underarm hair grows in more than one direction? As such, you’ll need to shave not just going downwards.

Waxing is more popular as it takes weeks for hair to grow back. It’s best done by a professional to avoid burns. It helps to reduce the darkness of armpits. Laser hair removal is the most expensive. However it leaves your armpits silky smooth. 6-10 sessions are needed.



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