Baby's Room

Organizing a nursery before baby’s arrival can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially for first time parents. There are countless themes to choose from. Instead of randomly settling on one because of how cute it looks, starting from functionality will make decorating baby’s room much easier.

Furniture Placement

The crib/ cot should be placed away from windows to keep the baby from falling outside. The same goes for any benches or stools in the room. Dressing tables/ drawers that will be used for changing the baby should be within arm’s length from the cot to give you an easy time. Any wall art hanging over the cot should be well secured to avoid accidents. If using any rugs on the floor, make sure they’re non-slip.


Ensure you have adequate storage not just for present but also future items. Baby will need more toys, books, clothes, etc as they grow so keep that in mind. Toy storage containers should have smooth edges to keep your little one from hurting themselves.

Apart from the traditional wardrobes and shelves, go for space savers such as wall-hung cabinets. Those which are movable and can be configured into various arrangements are even better. A cot with drawers at the bottom is another great option.

Cot/ Crib

Keep the cot free from too many items. These may look cute online, but they can present a choking hazard. Toys should be placed on a chair or shelf instead.

Design Factors

Apart from functionality, aesthetics can help you in sprucing up baby’s room.

Your little one will spend hours on their back during the first few months, so make the ceiling interesting for them to look at. Choose one element of the room as a focal point. Most people use the cot, but other options such as a large window or wall also suffice.

Choose lead-free paints to safeguard baby’s health. Lead has been shown to cause negative effects on the mental development, growth and behaviour of babies.

Use a dimmer for bulbs located directly above the cot to protect the little one’s eyes. Installing black-out curtains in baby’s room will help them sleep longer.



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