You’ve finally found the one who makes you happy. Both of you have confirmed the relationship and even moved to the next level- engagement. Naturally, you expect your family to share your joy. But what happens if they don’t like your fiancé for one reason or the other?

Have a candid discussion with your parents in private to understand exactly what issue they have with your significant other. Pay attention to the concerns they express, don’t be quick to react. Seek to understand how they feel about him. During such a discussion you might find out their disapproval is based on incomplete information. Take this chance to clear the air respectfully. Invite your parents to know your fiancé a bit more.

After this, have a conversation with your partner. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn he’s already aware of your folks’ dislike of him. From here you can work on a solution together instead of fighting a solo battle. Be tactful in how you break the news though. After all, no one takes kindly not being liked.

If your significant other hasn’t interacted much with your parents, that could be one of the reasons for friction between them. Involve your partner more in your family’s life and watch positive bonds forming over time.

Do your best to reconcile your folks with your husband-to-be. If it becomes about taking sides, it only breeds animosity. Find a compromise whenever possible. It might not be possible to agree on every point, but you can disagree while remaining respectful.

Your parents will most likely not see your fiancé the way you do. Explain to them respectfully what attracted you to him and why he’s an important part of your life. The goal is to win them over gently. Affirm your love for them and respect for their values, while standing firm on your decision to get married to the man you’ve chosen. Let them know that you value their blessing in this matter.





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