Most people don’t give thought to what they wear at the gym. After all, the focus is working out, right? However, choosing the right outfits has a significant positive effect on your workouts. And you get to look good as a bonus.


Ditch those baggy t shirts and pants. Get yourself outfits that flatter your features. Clothes that feel well tend to give us a confidence boost- this helps on those days where you don’t have the zeal to exercise. Keep in mind though that some fabrics turn sheer when stretched too much. When buying leggings, squat when wearing them to see how they look. There’s nothing worse than exposing yourself unknowingly in public. Choose clothes in neutral colours which you can wear for a long time.

Shoes should not be too tight or leave excess room for the feet to slide. Sneakers that are specially made for exercise are better than regular ones because of the arch support they offer. This way your feet are protected from high impact.


Consider the types of exercise you’ll be doing then choose appropriate outfits for each. For instance, yoga requires closely fitting clothes since the poses involve lots of bending. Baggy clothes will give you a hard time.

Material/ Fabric

Your gym outfits should offer comfort so that you can focus on working out. Avoid fabrics that chafe the skin or produce static. Spandex looks good since it gives a tight fit, but save it for other outfits. When exercising you need clothes that allow easy movement.

The Bra

Difficulty in finding the right sports bra probably discourages many women from working out. There are two types in general: Compression bras- these secure breasts with pressure and work best if you’re an A or a B cup. They’re very secure, making them perfect for high-impact workouts. Encapsulated sports bras have individual cups for each breast, are a good option if you wear a C cup or larger. The separation is helpful in keeping sweat at a minimum.


This refers to a fabric’s ability to absorb sweat away from the body, like a wick. If you sweat heavily, you need lycra, polyester, bamboo or wool clothes for workouts. These absorb sweat and dry quickly as opposed to cotton which stays wet for long, leaving you feeling sticky. However when doing low-intensity workouts, you can get away with wearing cotton.




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