Looking put together for the office can be tricky. You want to look polished but not overdone. Most professional environments favour muted looks. This doesn’t mean you’re condemned to looking drab. Here’s how you can spruce up your looks for work.

The Natural Look

This is achieved by keeping things simple. Your lips are the area of focus, keeping the rest of the look laid back. Pick a lippie that stands out without being too loud for an office setting. Make sure your eyebrows are well done, brush on a bit of highlight and mascara and you’re good to go.

Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes for work? Yes! Just use brown eyeshadow in place of black. Go for shades of brown that match closely with your complexion for a subtle look. This will open up the eye area without you doing the most. Since focus is on the eyes, keep the lips simple with a nude shade.

Dewy Skin

If you have naturally glowing skin, that’s great. But if your skin needs a bit of help, you can achieve the look by using highlighter. Apply to the inner corner of the eyes, the cheekbones, and the center of the eyelids. You’ll not only look good, but feel pumped up about the day when you see your skin glow.

Lip Gloss

It’s a time-saver when it comes to sprucing up lips, but keep it to a minimum. Just a little will do to add life to the face.


Depending on your organisation’s workplace guidelines, wear only the allowed colours. Keep any nail art simple. Liberal work environments can allow you to get away with bold nail looks.


Pick a perfume that’s noticeable but not overpowering. Besides, some of your colleagues might be sensitive to strong scents. Carry pocket-sized fragrant products such as body mists and lotions to give yourself a boost during the day.


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