In a world that glorifies ‘grinding’ as a measure of hard work/ discipline, taking time off for self-care is looked upon as being lazy. Or wasting time even. But the human body wasn’t created to be under heavy exertion all the time, and neither is the mind. Being mindful of your mental health helps to ward off burnouts.

Self-care refers to activities that can be done to ensure physical and mental fitness. These don’t have to be expensive as portrayed on social media: visiting the spa every week, taking trips to exotic locations and so on. You can practise self-care without doing the most.

‘Me Time’

As women we find it challenging to fit enough ‘me time’ into our schedules. After being swamped with work at the office, we come home to either dirty dishes, supper that needs to be prepared, or kids and/ or a spouse who need our attention. This leaves us feeling drained. However in order to be present for our loved ones we need time alone. Schedule this either daily or weekly at a set time. Let the rest of the family know that you need it to rejuvenate.

During this time, do activities that you enjoy like gardening, a nature walk, reading a good book listening to music. This helps to relax the mind.

Emotional Exercise

The biggest fights are in the mind. Thus you need to fight off negative thoughts as soon as they come. Don’t let them linger. Social media has a way of making us feel inadequate as compared to others, but celebrating our achievements keeps self-esteem up.


The grinding principle demonizes sleep, but the importance of a good night’s sleep can’t be overstated. Inadequate sleep causes both physical and mental health problems. Sleep and wake at the same time each day, keep electronic gadgets far from the bed, de-stress before getting into bed to ensure your snooze time goes smoothly.


As much as me time is vital, so is interacting with loved ones. Loneliness especially during hard times is detrimental to mental health. If you can’t be with them physically, reach out on a phone call or social media chat. If you can find a group activity that you enjoy, join it and make new friends.

Eat Right

Diet has a direct impact on our moods. Eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits, hydrate (with water), avoid processed food and eat a balanced diet.



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