One of the biggest obstacles to healthy hair is split ends. This occurs when the hair shaft frays. This damage begins at the very end of the strand and may progress upwards. The scientific term for this is trichoptilosis.


There are several reasons why the hair shaft can split. The ends are the weakest part of hair strands thus prone to splitting. Rough handling of your hair while washing, drying or styling causes the ends to break off.

The environment/ weather can cause splitting by drying out the strands. When it’s too hot or cold and your hair doesn’t have protection from the elements, it breaks off.


The only solution to split ends is to cut them off. Some hair products are marketed as being able to repair splitting, but that’s a lie. Once a strand has split the damage is done. Snipping above the split with a sharp pair of scissors is the first step to restoring your hair’s health.


Since hair is weakest at the ends, we need to take extra care of them. Treat them like delicate silk. Keep them hydrated with water regularly & seal in the hydration with an oil such as olive. Deep condition your hair weekly or fortnightly to infuse the strands with nutrients and moisture that keep them strong.

Protect your hair using styles such as twists, cornrows or braids. When wearing your hair out, be keen on what your hair is coming in contact with, for example cotton clothing, car seats, hair accessories. Make sure these surfaces don’t snag/ dry out the hair.

Be as gentle as possible when washing, styling and drying your hair. Limit the use of direct heat since this weakens hair over time.

Keep your hair protected from bedding by wearing a satin bonnet/ scarf at night. If feeling extra, use a satin pillow case as well.

Splitting isn’t entirely avoidable, though. Get regular trims to eliminate any split ends and prevent them from proceeding up your strands.


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