It’s easy to lose track of your skin care routine while travelling especially if you have a busy itinerary. However, you need to treat the largest organ of your body well in order to avoid nasty surprises. If you’re frequently on the go, here’s how to do it.

Research about the weather/ climate of your destination(s). If going to a place where the air is hot and dry you’ll need a heavy duty moisturiser, for example.

Buy travel-sized products to keep your bag light and make it easier for you to comply with carry-on restrictions on flights. Better still, purchase mini containers then pour your lotion/ sunscreen, moisturiser into these. You can always refill for your next trip instead of buying products every time.

Buying skin care products at your destination is another option.¬†For instance, shampoo, toothpaste and body wash are cheap and easily available in most parts of the world. Start by packing your ‘must-haves’- those that you can’t do without and might be hard to find when you land. The rest can be bought at the destination.

If travelling to a hot destination, make sure to pack sunscreen. Many moisturisers and makeup products have SPF but this isn’t enough. Apply sunscreen even on cloudy days since sun damage comes from UVA and UVB rays, not heat.

A hot shower sounds tempting after a day spent out and about, but that only dries out the skin. Use cold or lukewarm water instead coupled with a gentle cleanser. Keep bathtimes short.

If you’re a makeup user don’t skimp on makeup removal products. Carry both wipes and a cleanser to ensure your face is thoroughly clean. You might want to let loose while on vacation but your skin still needs proper care.

Remember, the bulk work of achieving healthy skin is on the inside. Hydrate constantly (with water, not coffee, soda or juice), eat lots of fresh fruit & veggies and limit the intake of junk food. Your skin will thank you.



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