Just as with your home interior, the exterior speaks volumes about you. Most people don’t realize this and rarely do much about their landscaping, other than planting grass and a few flowers here and there. By following these simple tips, however, you can take your outdoor space from drab to fab.

Personal style
Is your style casual or formal? Do you prefer geometric patterns or flowy lines? Do you have formal parties with business associates? Express your style through your landscaping.

Have an idea board
List all the elements/ themes you would like included in your outdoor space. Draw, redraw and redraw again if need be. Use online resources like Pinterest for extra inspiration. From there, you weed out any unnecessary components and keep only what’s important to you.

Clear the Clutter
Looking at your yard as a whole, it may seem overwhelming to think about a landscaping overhaul. Begin by clearing clutter such as overgrown plants, wilted foliage, broken furniture. This gives you a clean slate on which to work. Then break the yard into parts and work on one at a time instead of trying to do everything at once.

Work With an Expert
Even if you’re a lover of DIY, it doesn’t hurt to involve a professional landscaper to bring your ideas to life and come up with a concrete plan.

Maintenance plan
Work out a maintenance plan depending on the plants you have and your daily/ weekly schedule to keep your yard/ garden in top shape always. If you have a busy lifestyle, employ someone skilled in garden maintenance.

Plan for the future
Consider what it would take to maintain or change the landscaping work. If you wish to add/ subtract elements in the future, how would that affect the current layout and how much would it cost in terms of time & effort?



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