Style Your Home

Whether moving into a new house or revamping the one you’re staying in, it’s important to pay attention to how you style your home. It’s not just about filling it with stuff you need, but how do the various elements fit together to form a harmonious theme? Read on for some quick tips.

Express Yourself

Your house should be an expression of yourself. Consider what patterns, colours, themes that you love and use these as a guide when selecting items & where to place them. Use home decor magazines and online resources to create a moodboard with a collection of your inspirations. These will guide you in coming up with a unified theme.

Work With A Pro

As much as you want to control how the outcome looks, involving a professional interior designer makes things much easier. They’re trained in more than just aesthetics, but also bringing a client’s vision to life. Allow them to suggest ideas other than the ones you have and watch your home glam up.

Take Your Time

You may be excited to style your home after settling on the vision you want to achieve, but it’s important to work things out slowly. Especially major decisions like paint or new partitions to a room that can’t be quickly undone.

Break It Down

The task of decorating an entire house may look daunting thus it’s advisable to work room by room, maximum 3 rooms at a time. You don’t have to match all rooms exactly. Rather, switching up styles between rooms while maintaining unifying elements like colour makes for a much more interesting home.


Apart from colours and furniture placement, textures provide interest in a house. Use curtains, wallpapers, rugs, wall hangings with varying textures for interesting contrast.


These are an inexpensive way of making your interior pop. Throw pillows, paintings, vases, etc can be bought or made at home. Just make sure they complement each other as a whole.



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