For shoes to serve us a long time they need proper maintenance. Apart from normal wear and tear due to frequent use, shoes contend with foot sweat. Did you know that your feet produce up to half a cup of moisture when you’re active? With the right care your shoes can withstand this.


Leather shoes quickly lose their lustre and colour if not well cared for. Wipe the upper surfaces with a damp cloth then follow through with a good quality cream/ leather- food. To remove stains, use a weak solution of vinegar and water.


Also widely known as Converse, cleaning them is quite easy. Just use a good quality foaming cleanser specifically formulated for this type of material. Laundry detergent works well too. Spread this over the surface of the shoes with a firm bristle brush, scrub gently then wipe off the foam with a damp clean microfibre cloth. Leave them to dry in an airy place. Avoid soaking them in water since it makes the glue at the soles come off faster.

Hiking Boots

These still need good maintenance even though they’re sturdy. To clean hiking boots made of leather, brushing off mud stains with a soft bristled brush or wet cloth. Testing out the desired color of leather-food in an inconspicuous area then apply it to the upperparts with round, even strokes. Leave overnight/ for a few hours and buff away the excess the next morning. Canvas hiking boots are cleaned in the same way as chucks.

Sneakers/ Running Shoes

Depending on how often and for what purpose you use them, these could be the most worked out pair in your closet. Allow them to dry completely after each use before bringing them indoors. Never wear them when your feet are wet from water/ sweat.

Clean them with a good laundry detergent every so often then place them to dry outside but not in direct sunlight. Worried about stains on your white sneakers? Just use a vinegar and water solution or nail polish remover and a cotton ball to swipe at the stain and you’re good to go.

General Maintenance Tips

  • Store your shoes in a place with good airflow to discourage growth of mold.
  • Wear shoes on rotation to prevent certain pairs from wearing out too fast.
  • When removing shoes with laces, loosen the laces as much as needed then slide out your feet instead of stepping on the heel of the shoe.



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