Work From Home

With the advent of technology it’s now possible for people to work remotely. This comes with the freedom of carrying out projects at your convenience, as far as physical space is concerned. However you need to develop discipline even as you work from home.

Have a specific workstation

You need a home office that’s set specifically for work. This helps in training the mind to be tuned for work. Working from your bed or couch may not be a great idea because you’ll be tempted to sleep, relax, watch a movie, etc. If your house is short on space, set aside a section of a room as your office. It should be free from distractions.

Establish routines

Working from home comes with the temptation of negating schedules. However, routines provide an easy structure to your day. Create specific routines that help you get into the flow of work.  Have specific things you do from the time you wake up, and do them in a particular order. Do the same for break times as well.

Be strict with your time. Start and end your day at specific times. This helps you maximize the time you do have. When you work from home your personal life and work life to bleed into each other. To avoid this, draw firm lines between them for your mental health.

Dress appropriately

Working in pajamas is the ultimate freedom for some. What you may not know is how you dress psychologically affects your job output. Avoid working in your sleep clothes. Even if you don’t wear ‘formal’ clothes, this trains your mind to get into work mode.

List your tasks

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a mountain of projects/ assignments, more so if they’re not written down. Create a task list for each day to help you stay focused and give you a measurable indication of success for each project. Identify urgent tasks and start with those then move to easier ones. At the end of your day look at your list and review all the items you were able to complete.

Take breaks

Getting lost in work is very easy when working alone. Set specific break times and when they arrive, step away from your desk. Whatever task you haven’t finished can wait a few minutes. Breaks are important for clearing your mind and relaxing the muscles.

Keep family & friends at bay

One challenge faced by those who work from home is that their families don’t take them seriously. Remind your loved ones that even though you’re at home, you are working and they should treat you as if you’re in a real office. Allowing friends or family into your work space during work hours can lull you into a casual state of mind.

Change your work location

On those days when you feeling lonely or unmotivated, work from a coffee shop or a restaurant a few hours a week. Being around others is a psychological mood booster that can motivate you to work.



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