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As a naturalista, haircare can get quite hectic. There seems to be all these rules you must follow, and products you need to buy. This can leave you with a dent in your pocket. However, keeping your tresses healthy can be as affordable as you want it to be.


The naturalista world is charachterised by a sea of products. Many new naturals feel pressurized to buy every product there is out there. Truth is, these are just options to suit various hair types, budgets and preferences.

To save money on haircare products, identify those which work for you and stick to them. A good shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, styling butter and one/ two oils are enough to get your hair looking & feeling healthy.

Watch out for product sales. When a brand you use is having offers, take advantage and replenish your stock. Natural hair fairs/ events are great for buying products on a discount & discovering alternative (cheaper) brands.

Get into the DIY life to save even more money. Products such as deep conditioners & protein conditioners can be made at home, using stuff you already have in the kitchen. What’s more, you can use some of the ingredients for cooking, skin and hair care- how’s that for stretching your money?


One of the best things about being natural is that you can do your hair at home. And, any style you create can be a look. No need to constantly go to salons. Start with learning simple styles like twists, braids & the roll, tuck and pin. Not only does protective styling your own hair save you money, but also allows your hair to thrive.


Out your wash days. Most naturalistas recommend to wash & deep condition your hair once a week. However by training your hair and scalp to get used to being washed every fortnight or 3 weeks, you’ll end up using less product. In addition, this means less manipulation on your hair thus allowing length retention. Win, win, win!


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