haircare- naturalista

If you’ve been struggling with loving your natural hair or worried about whether you’ll manage staying on the natural hair journey, it’s okay. Learning to love one’s hair takes time.

What helped (and still helps) me on my journey is looking at others who have reached where I’m aspiring to. Check them out and be encouraged as well!

Tabitha (Craving Yellow)
She’s the first naturalista I found and could relate with, back in 2015 when natural hair Youtubers in Kenya were few. Look at that gorgeous mid-back length 4 c hair!

Naturally Temi
Her hair is a looser coil pattern than mine but I admire her styling creativity besides her hair’s length and volume.

Miss Wood (westafricanbaby)
Another naturalista styling guru who can craft a style for every day of the year- literally. Don’t believe it? Check out her Youtube on this link.

Find her on Youtube at Craving Curly Kinks. I love that she not only shows us how she cares for her hair, but also educates by explaining the scientific reasons behind the methods. And, look at that length!

Grace (nappyfu)
If you want humour served along with hair care tips, Grace is the one to go to. All her videos will leave you cracking up and more educated than before you watched them.


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