Parenting young children while working can take a toll on any parent. It is a delicate balance which if not closely monitored, can cause anxiety and disinterest.

Through trial, error and general experience, life coaches have recommended a few hacks that will help parents catch a breath while working.

1. Work on time management

On any given hour, or on any given day, parents do not achieve work-life balance. Some days are swallowed by work, and some days are swallowed by home. To give yourself more grace, look at your life in three month chunks. By doing this, you will be able to quantitatively assess your professional highs and or lows.

2. Enjoy the sick days

If you are a privileged salaried employee, and can actually take a sick day for your child, enjoy it without apology. And while you are at it, work to make sure every parent can take a paid sick day to care for a sick child

3. Point out and praise good behavior

As a parent it’s not about giving a blanket “you’re awesome!” kind of praise. It’s about finding moments when your child is winning the battle against the negative behavior, and “seeing” them in that moment. For example, if you are trying to work on minimizing tantrums, you might praise your child for having a shorter tantrum than they did the day before. This will boost your child’s confidence, making them even more inclined to do better. This means less scolding from you, and yes, more peace around the house.

4. Find a shame buddy

This is a funny one. Your shame buddy can be your spouse if you have one, but it doesn’t have to be. Parenting is hard, and when we inevitably screw up, it’s nice to find someone who can serve as a break to your shame spiral. It will be a good way to make fun of yourself and probably laugh at other parenting mishaps by other parents. Do not take yourself too seriously.

5. Set the foundation early for the behavior you want to see later

If you hate seeing your kids or people in your house using their phones during dinner or family meetings, set a rule for it. Whatever else you think is good social behaviour should be instilled early in life to avoid future misbehaviour. This will assure you of more quality time spent with your family.


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