Everyone has has a bad addiction at some point in their life. For some is dietary, like bad eating habits, for others it’s too much porn, excess internet usage or masturbation. If you want to get rid of your addiction that is eating your productivity, mind space, health, relationship or fitness goals, this article is for you.

Before you take on these tips and tricks, keep in mind that you will start to notice highly rewarding benefits only over a while. Consistency and patience is the key.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Are you ever on Social media and you start to realize that you have been scrolling way too much on your news feed for a very long time? If you feel unable to stop the scrolling, try this.

Step1: Close the Application immediately.
Step2: Take your notepad and write Today’s date.
Step 3: Every time you quit that application/browser and you have tracked it on your notepad, set your timer on your phone to 3 min for the first 3 weeks. During the 3 mins, you are going to use it for that skill, goals, you have always been wanting to acquire for years.

You will, however, need an alternative activity for your screen time. Try the following tips.

1 Listen to you Inspirational or fav Podcast.
2. Read a page from the book .
3. Learn to play to a new instrument.
4. Listen to your favorite music.
5. Take a walk around your neighborhood.
6. Write a secret journal to write one good thing about your Mum, Dad, Siblings, That bestie, Your Girlfriend or Wife (You can gift this book later to them for this Christmas 2020).

Try to keep your goals as small, realistic, and achievable as possible. As a beginner, try to cherish on the number of tally marks you got on the notepad by the end of the day, instead of expecting quick results. You will reap your high rewarding benefits over a while from various dimensions of your life.


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