Zeda Media held our women only event, The Zeda Experience, with Strawberry Lips Tequila at Wama Africa on September 25th.

The Zeda Experience

The Zeda Experience is a women centric event that is focused on giving women boutique experiences in collaboration with various brands and partners. The curated events offer women an opportunity to enjoy excellent food and drinks in an intimate setting, while having the conversations that matter most to them.

The event was hosted by Creative Entrepreneur and Zeda Founder, Mwende Ngao, and attended by women entrepreneurs that have managed to successfully start or run their small businesses through the pandemic.

The event featured a delicious 3 course lunch at Wama Africa and a tasting of the different ways one can enjoy Strawberry Lips including over ice and with ice-cream. It also featured structured networking where the attendees shared about their businesses and made potential connections.

Zeda looks to create a community of women interested in conversations, collective experiences and learning from other women as well as to celebrate the strides being made by Kenyan/African women.

About Zeda

Zeda is a women’s media and events initiative based in Kenya, that provides content and experiences that are women centric. This is achieved through an online women’s magazine, zedamagazine.com, boutique women exclusive events, The Zeda Experience and a podcast on women’s stories and interviews, Zeda Talks.

About Strawberry Lips Tequila

Strawberry Lips is a strawberry flavoured cream liqueur laced with a premium gold tequila from South Africa. Launched in 2012, Strawberry Lips is the top selling strawberry flavoured cream liqueur and the third most popular cream liqueur in South Africa, and is now exported to eleven international markets including Kenya. In Kenya, Strawberry Lips is distributed by Viva Global.


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