Yellow Moon Marketing, a Kenyan based marketing agency, has launched a digital luxury lifestyle magazine titled, YM Life ( The magazine aims to redefine luxury in the eyes of readers and in the eyes of those who share the same outlook.

The magazine will be published every two months and focus on setting the tone on the newest trends in fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. The first issue of the magazine will include a cover story about artists Boutross and Benzema on their journey as multi-dimensional artists. The issue also features interviews with high-profile creatives, Yasmin Osman, Nicole Tara, Renson Malesi and Filbert Mkwiche on how their craft has shaped their life.

YM Life was conceptualized by Yellow Moon Director Mulwa Mbai and creative director, Mina Hameau. The latter led and worked closely with the team to develop creative concepts and ideas that birthed the magazine’s first issue.

The launch of the magazine also featured the YM Life AfroMet Gala, a high-fashion event that disrupted Nairobi with attendees from all realms of Nairobi’s creative scene. Muthoni Gichira, the Editor-in-Chief, said she intends her publication to be the definitive guide for those equally disruptive soon to be captains of their craft individuals.

Readers can take a glimpse of the launch issue on the YM Life website.


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