If you are thinking of cutting costs in your household, trimming your monthly household expenses is a great way to start saving cash.

Common household expenses include

  • Payments to credit cards
  • Cell phone bills
  • Gym membership monthly dues
  • Grocery store expenses
  • Utility bills
  • Cable and internet
  • Cable TV and entertainment expenses

Buying household items in bulk

Buying your groceries and other essentials in bulk, from a wholesale shop is cheaper than buying the same from a supermarket. Buying household items in bulk will allow you to note how much your family consumes, giving you the ability to budget for your shopping and eventually aid in cutting back on wastage. Stocking up on the basics also gives your family a sense of security knowing that they will not lack something essential any time soon.

2. Energy saving light bulbs

Switching to energy saving bulbs from ordinary bulbs can significantly cut down your electricity bill. The bulbs cost almost two or three times the ordinary bulb, but the benefit is impressive.

Ordinary bulbs contain mercury vapour, which is toxic and dangerous, but the energy saving bulbs do not contain this harmful component. An added bonus is that they are long lasting, and you probably wont switch them out for several years.

3. Changing your social activities

Going out with them every weekend probably takes up a huge chunk of your income, not to mention the reduced risk of contracting COVID-19. Inviting people over to your home would see you having just as much fun together, but with the added benefit of spending much less money.

With delivery services for alcoholic beverages, one can have all the fun at a bargain without leaving your house.

4. Unplug unused electrical devices

Most electronic devices constantly draw a small amount of electricity called a phantom charge. If not checked, the phantom charge can add up quickly considering the many devices and appliances that can be found in most homes. To avoid this, unplug any items that are not being used.

5. An electric kettle

An electric kettle is especially handy if you do not own a water dispenser in your home. To consume clean water, many people boil their water before drinking it. If you use a gas cooker for this purpose, you will find that replacing your gas cylinder is increasingly expensive. The electric kettle can be multi-purpose, serving not only for boiling drinking water, but for whipping up easy cups of tea/coffee or saving the gas otherwise used in preparing foods which require hot water such as ugali, spaghetti and rice.

6. Use a shopping list

Planning your meals can help you learn how to save money on groceries and spare you the desire for impulse purchases. With a shopping list, you know exactly what you need to buy for meals each week, so you can be more disciplined.

7. Cancel cable TV and trim entertainment costs

Most people are subscribed to TV cable that they rarely or do not use at all. Examine your usage of pay TV and reevaluate your subscription if it turns out that you do not need it anyway.



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