There’s nothing we can do about our height. It’s something we’re stuck with it for life. For petite ladies, finding outfits that look good on you without making you look like a highschooler is a challenge. All those ‘short girl problem’ jokes don’t make things better. It increases the level of self-consciousness when one steps outside.


Choose clothes that fit closely- either fitted or semi fitted. Baggy clothes only make you look shorter and heavier than you are. Trousers with straight legs are better than flare pants since they emphasise the length of your legs.

Lines & Prints

Vertical  lines help to create an illusion of elongation thus you get some extra height- visually. As for prints, pick those that are medium or small in size. These work well with your body size. Large prints tend to overwhelm petite frames.


For a ‘tallness’ effect, wear outfits in one colour. Match your shoes and stockings’ tights in the same colour too. Dark colours are best for this purpose.


High heels are a petite lady’s best friend. This is the easiest way to add height. You can get away with very high ones unlike taller ladies. Just make sure they’re comfortable and don’t wear them for too long- for your feet’s health.

Bags & Accessories

Avoid big bags since these will ‘drown’ your frame. Keep bags in proportion to your size. The same goes for accessories such as belts. Wide belts break up the vertical illusion that you’re aiming to achieve. Go for small and slim pieces.


Invest in a few good v-neck tops and cardigan. These create an elongation of the neck and upper torso.

Short Dresses/ Skirts

These don’t work in favour of petite ladies. They make you look shorter. If the hem of your skirt¬†falls across a thick part of the thigh, it emphasizes the thickness of the thigh and amplifies the shortness of the legs.


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