Shoes! We love them. We have sacrificed for them. We have probably saved for them. We never seem to have enough of them. There’s a lovely quote that says, “The way to a woman’s heart is through her sole.” And we couldn’t agree more.

There are eight staple shoe styles that every woman should own at least one of. Take a look at the following list, so that no matter the occasion, you will always be set.

1. Flats

Ballet flats are a simple solution to feeling polished and pulled together while on the go. They are equal parts comfy and casual, meaning we can wear them with pretty pleated skirts, shift dresses, or even jeans.

2. Sneakers

Gym sneakers are meant for the gym, but a pair of cute kicks like these are a wardrobe basic worth investing in. They will look a whole lot sweeter with jeans than your cross-trainers will. With a growing trend of smart-casual wear maximizing versatility, you can rock your sneakers with your favorite bandage dress or skirt.

3. Ankle Boots

It is no wonder that ankle boots are always a must. The comfy picks often come with walkable heels that will serve you well year-round. They especially come in handy during the cold season or casual walks.

4. The Classic Pump

This pair of polished pumps will never let you down, and are perfect for the workplace. They will offer a classically chic finish to every outfit, whether you’re at the office or on an evening out. Pumps will always upgrade your look with a quick change.

5. Statement heels

Every girl needs a pair of seriously sexy heels in her collection. Whether you opt for vibrant color, a statement print, or ultrasexy detailing, this pair should be the one you throw on with everything from jeans to your evening dresses to feel instantly sexy. A pair of stillettos can accompany statement heels in the wardrobe, just depends on your taste and preference.

6. Loafers

Loafers have quickly become a wardrobe must-have. Think of these as an office-to-off-duty alternative to sneakers, with a cool twist. Loafers are perfect for casual work days, a day out shopping or running errands.

7. Everyday Sandals

When it comes to sandals, make sure you opt for a pair with details you will be happy to slip into on a daily basis. They are great for running small errands and perfect for cozy set-ups as they are comfortable and simple.


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