Pregnancy is a season in a woman’s life filled with beautiful moments, but also a lot of stress. Not just physically from carrying a human inside her, but also mentally- preparing all that is needed for when the baby arrives. As such many mums-to-be are opting for a vacation before delivery, otherwise known as babymoon.

This is an opportunity for parents-to-be to enjoy one last baby-free holiday. Some people go all out and do a luxury vacation with premium offerings- romantic dinners, poolside reading, decadent spa treatments. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. Just find a place you and your significant other can wind down and have some quality alone time.

Choosing a Location

While visiting exotic destinations may look good for the ‘Gram, it might not be the best for your body. Choose a place close to home to reduce fatigue from travelling. This also gives you an advantage in case of emergencies where you need to go back home, you can do it quickly. There’s always time to visit your bucket list destinations, don’t pressure yourself while pregnant.


Before you book your trip, research to find good hospitals in/ near the the destination. This comes in handy in case you need to see a doctor. Also if there’s any specific info a doctor should know about your pregnancy, carry a note/ doctor’s card with you.

To Fly or Not?

Generally it’s not advisable to travel by air after the 28th week of pregnancy. So when planning a babymoon keep this in mind. The ideal time to travel is between the 12th and 28th week. This is because morning sickness is prevalent in the early weeks, and after the 28th  the extra weight may cause fatigue.

If you’re cleared to fly by your doctor, keep the trip short. Long flights increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis in pregnant women. To counter this, avoid long moments of sitting in one position, wear varicose support stockings in flight and drink lots of water.

Travel/ Health Insurance

Having all aspects of your trip covered is great, but nothing gives you peace of mind when travelling overseas than having a solid insurance. Check with your insurance provider to see what exactly is covered in the plan before you make the trip.


Don’t be so lost in worrying about pregnancy emergencies- just relax, release and enjoy a romantic time with your partner, before the little one arrives and leaves you with little time to do so!


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