High heels are synonymous with sultry style. They automatically make you feel sexy. With so many types out there, how do you choose a pair that you can actually wear? Here’s our guide to sort you out in a snap.

Varying Shoe Sizes

Sizes differ depending on the country that shoes are made in. Heels are no exception. Be wary of this fact especially when ordering heels online.

Measure Them

Your feet, that is. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, get it done at the shop you intend to buy the heels at.

Wear Them

You don’t want to end up with shoes that only look good on you when seated/ standing. Wear the heels and test their comfort by walking around in the shop. If they pinch your toes or don’t give you good balance, leave them. Comfort comes first. Ill-fitting heels cause back and knee problems over time.

Your Legs’ Structure

People with wide feet benefit from round- toed heels: they offer comfort plus make the feet appear smaller. Short legs appear even shorter and wider when you wear t- strap shoes, so avoid these. Go for open-toed heels for a leaner look. To create the illusion of longer legs, wear pointy-toe heels.

The Shoes’ Structure

The following things will further guide you in selecting the perfect heels:

  • Inner lining should be a material that allows the feet to breathe, e.g. leather. Avoid synthetics that don’t absorb sweat.
  • Sole attachment to the shoe should be as seamless as possible. Whether done by glue or stitches, there shouldn’t be any gaps. Otherwise the sole might peel off while walking- how embarrassing!
  • Rubber tips on the shoe’s heels provide the necessary friction for easy walking.
  • Material- avoid heels made of plastic. They aren’t comfortable and have a short life span.




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