the gym

When people talk about fitness, they usually refer to working out, more so in the gym. It then becomes this colossal task that requires a lot of strenuous effort. A nasty chore, an uphill task. But it doesn’t have to be so! Find a physically involving activity that you love, and you’ll even forget you’re working out!


If you’re a cleanliness buff, make use of that housework time to burn calories. Believe it or not, vacuuming can give the same benefits as hiking or a rowing machine at the gym. Gardening, trimming the hedge, doing laundry by hand, sweeping and arranging stuff count as great workouts as well.


Swimming is one of the few exercises that give you a full body workout. Unlike going to the gym where you exercise specific muscles at a time, you get to workout every muscle as you swim. In addition moving in water is harder than on the ground. This means you exert your muscles more while swimming. 30 minutes in water equates to about 45 minutes of normal exercise. Also if sweat grosses you out but you still desire to keep fit, the pool is for you. The water constantly cools your body so you don’t get sweaty.


This activity is great for both your physical and mental health. Some of the benefits include maintaining weight, better heart health, controlling diabetes, boosting your mood and getting all the muscles exercised.


Just like swimming, dance exercises almost every muscle in the body. Moderate to fast-paced dancing is best for workouts. It has benefits such as improving flexibility & balance, boosting your mood, toning muscles, improving heart & lung health as well as improving your social interactions.

So if gymming isn’t your thing, take heart. These are just some of the alternative ways to get a workout in while still having fun!


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