Making gift to boyfreind. African girl with her lover

Most women do not know what to gift men on their birthdays, special occasions, or simple random gifts. Men sometimes dismiss the idea of gifts, but I bet they melt whenever the receive gifts from people, especially their significant other.

While getting a gift is easy, deciding on what to get is the hard part.

Well, if you are struggling with getting the perfect gift, below is a list of 10 out-of-the-box thoughtful gifts for him that are both functional and special.

  1. Edible Gifts

    If your guy loves food, this is it for you. Take him out to his favourite restaurant and order everything he loves, or even better, stay home, decorate the place and cook his favourite meal for him. You can also show up at his home with a cake to make him feel special or send him chocolates at work.

  2. Grooming kits


Another thoughtful gift is a grooming kit. If your guy is a man with a beard, gift him a beard grooming kit, these kits include beard shampoo, oil, setting spray etc. You can also go for a personal grooming kit that includes face wash, face masks, body lotions etc. Most men rarely know what to buy for self-care, so this gesture will go a long way in improving his personal care routine.

3. A personalised gift

Personalised gifts are relatively new and so much more intimate as they are made especially for the one you love and adore. You can get him a mug with his picture on top and his favourite quote written on it, or you can get a pair of wine glasses and get your initials printed on them for you both to enjoy some quality time together. Personalisation can be done with so many things like wallet, glasses, bracelets, bathrobes, pens, laptop covers, doormats, etc. Get creative and surprise him!

4. Decanter set

One of the most thoughtful gifts for guys love their drink is a whiskey decanter set. It takes his home bar to the next level and makes him look forward to using it.

It also gives him the opportunity to showcase his style when he has friends over. More importantly, the high aesthetic appeal will enhance the flavor of every of whatever drink he pours.

5. A wrist watch


A watch is the most popular gift for a guy and an essential accessory as well. A stylish watch is something you can give to your boyfriend and spoil him a little. Get him a watch of his favourite brand, and he will wear it everywhere he goes.

6. Concert tickets

Now that curfew is lifted and live concerts are back, get your man some tickets to watch his favorite artists live. There are lots of lined up events coming up, including the Sol Fest scheduled for 12th December, 2021.

That’s it, ladies. Get your groove on and surprise your man. Remember, it doesn’t have to be his birthday, Always make him special by getting him these thoughtful gifts.



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