With curfew in place, most people now prefer staying indoors to going out and risking getting caught up in the curfew rush hour. Couples, specifically, have been spending more time together, indoors. Let’s be honest. It can get a bit boring. And who wants boring, right? Setting up date nights every once in a while will eliminate boredom and keep you motivated.

While I’m no expert in romance or co-habitation, these 5 activities will help jumpstart the spark and keep you and your significant other enjoying each other’s company all night.

1. Have a tasting party during your date night in

Pick any theme; whiskey, beer, wine, ice cream, cookies, chocolate, whatever, and lay out a bunch of different options.

To keep it spicy and interesting, place the samples of the drinks on different body parts. This will spark the child in each of you. This night would end up will lots of laughter, and cleaning!

2. Turn your bedroom into a fancy hotel room

For many people, staying at a fancy hotel always feels luxurious. While that may not always be in the budget, you can turn your home into a fancy hotel room for an ultra romantic stay at home date.

You could change the sheets, or get new ones, light a few scented candles and turn on soft music. Place a bottle of champagne, or any drink of your choice near the bed. If you are extra and want to go all out, make some chocolate covered strawberries and sprinkle flower petals on the bed.

Watch movies in bed, order in your favorite food and eat it in bed (we don’t cook in hotel rooms, LoL).

Make a simple breakfast in the morning and serve it in bed on a tray. This will take your date night into the next morning and will feel oh, so luxurious!

3. Play board or card games

Playing card or board games is one way to share exciting moments with your partner in a relaxed environment. You can prepare a delicious meal, serve some snacks, and drink your favorite beverages with music playing in the background. During this time, it is best to avoid using your phone and focus on the game. Some of the popular games include chess, puzzles, and drinking card games.

I recommend opting for new games that you haven’t played before. A new card or board game allows you to learn the rules and tricks together. Once you’re both familiar with the new game, you can engage in a competitive yet friendly match. The competitive game can generate sparks during and after the matches.

4. Cook together

Preparing a special meal together is a popular way to strengthen the bond. The event enables you to share ideas, jokes and tantalize your taste buds.

As a result, you inject fun and excitement into your marriage/relationship. Pick up your favorite recipe, or one that you have always wanted to try, and start cooking in the company of your partner.

5. Enjoy each other’s talents

Most people, once hitched or in a relationship, forget their individual interests. You can plan to alternate date nights to star each of you.

For example, if one of you is a painter, you could dedicate one night to cheering them on and working on something while in each other’s company. On the next date night, the other party, if interested for example, in poetry, singing, playing the flute or writing, could star.

By doing this, you will be feeding individual interests, while jointly encouraging each other along the way.

Spending time with your significant other at home can be entertaining and refreshing, if you choose the right hobbies to suit both your tastes and interests.

By keeping things exciting, your love will get stronger and deeper with time. You will leverage the comfort, stability, love, excitement, and security to flourish as husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. Identifying the right fun activities is crucial to the success of your relationship.


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